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Professional Services _______________________________

NextGen also offers outsourcing services to corporate houses for their payroll processing & HR. We customize our Payroll software to suit the requirements of the corporate and use the same for complete payroll processing.

We offer end-to-end service solutions encompassing payroll, PF & ESIC and income tax.

Standard Model - Our Hardware, Our Software & Our People at our end. This is the traditional Payroll Outsourcing model where we collect inputs from the corporate, process the payroll at our end and submit the statutory & non-statutory reports to the corporate on pre-decided dates.


  Payroll Management Software with PF, ESI, Bonus, Gratuity, Leaves, Loans, Reimbursement, Income Tax and HR module.

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  TDS Software                          includes Form16, Form12BA, Form16AA, Form16A, Quarterly eTDS Returns and some reconciliation reports.

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  Financial Accounting and Inventory Software.

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  Mini ERP with FA, Payroll, Inventory, TDS, Fixed Assets Modules.

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Security, Confidentiality, Proximity, Continuity, Communication & of course Cost are the most critical factors which affect the performance of Payroll Management, especially in case of Payroll Outsourcing and we try and improve upon each of this factor by benchmarking best practices in the industry.

Cost plus Model - Our Hardware, Our Software & Our People at the Corporate. We now bring a unique service, which answers all the above-mentioned concerns for the corporate and empowers the corporate to enjoy the pleasure of owning the software at the cost of outsourcing, without any capital investment.

In this model, we deploy our Hardware (Server & Client, Printer & Stationery), Software (all licensed software along with our Payroll software customized to suit the corporate requirements) & Manpower (Payroll, Tax) at the corporate premises.


Pay Slips in sealed envelopes

Salary Register

Bank Advise Letters (Hardcopy or Softcopy format)

Statutory Reports of PF, ESIC, Income Tax etc.

Features and Benefits

Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements with the employees

Service Level Agreement with the corporate

Online help available for employees to ask queries

Disaster recovery mechanisms


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